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Shri Lal Nunsang Hmar, 
Chairman, Board of Directors
Hmar Agro Company Pineapple

It is a matter of pride and joy for me to lead such an important producing company to boost the economic aspect of the hill people. I am very much thankful to all who put their trust on our Company (HAOPCL) since the very inception. Your binding obligation and cooperation helped us reach this stage, making our organisation great importance in the field of agriculture. 

Today, we can emerged as a leading company to uplift the farmers, especially the pineapple growers to restructure the traditional system of cultivation.  The plantation in Hmarkhawlien was founded in 1932 by a Welsh Baptist pastor, James Roberts, who brought saplings from Tripura but enhanced its sweet flavour through various farming experiments.

When I first started this company to mitigate the hardships faced by the pineapple growers, we have nothing except our motives and strong determination. But by dint of constant efforts and dedication for the welfare of the helpless cultivators, we now play a pivotal role in the Agriculture Sector going hand-in-hand with concerned department under the Govt. of Assam.  

Our vision to export organic pineapple to international market are being achieved with the help from Govt. of Assam through District Agriculture Officer. In the field level, we ensure organic cultivation and efforts are being made to improve the system to increase production year by year.

As a director, I have many aspirations which are being taken up in a phase-wise manner. One of our ambitions which may be mentioned here is to set up cold-storage, making our agricultural products all-season available in the local market. This will surely enhance the life of potential farmers.

I hope, with Hmar Agro Organic Producer Company Limited (HAOPCL) producers get maximum benefits from their products and become prosper. 

Thanking You,
Lal Nunsang Hmar

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