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HAOPCL is a leading fresh pineapple producers and exporters in India. We supply fresh, organic pineapple to domestic and international market. We have been operating for 2 years and are dealing with a number of clients from various parts of the country and abroad. Our services are unmatchable because of the excellence and the quality of our products.

The pineapples are fully mature and naturally ripen. The sugar content of the Hmarkhawlien pineapples is between 16 and 18 per cent, an all-time-high in the Northeast. While transporting/shipping the consignment, we make sure that the fresh fruit remain intact and delivered undeterred to our clients.

The Kew pineapple, which we supply, are widely used in various industries such as food and beverage. We deal with many reputed clients from these industries and make sure that they get the high quality products without any delay and compromise on quality. Pineapple we supply do not contain any adulteration or harmful elements. We follow the standards and do not compromise the high quality of our products. The pineapples are organically grown and they give amazing sweetness.
Useful Information:
 Big Size Above 14 Inches (diameter)
 Small Size  Below 14 Inches (diameter)
 Minimum Order 10 Tonnes (10000 Kgs) for outside state
 (No fixed order for local market)
 Mode of Payment Terms 50% Advance Payment
 Delivery Time Assured Fast Delivery
 Harvest Season Summer - 15 May to 15 August
 Winter - October to December
Try our fresh and sweet pineapple for improved health outcomes.

 Phone:  +91 8254887830 +91 8402001583


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